Quarantine Warning

Due to suspicious activities on your connection ‒ e.g. virus or worm infections, or connection attemps to bot networks ‒ we had to restrict your Internet access. You are now in the so-called quarantine network. In this network you only have access to certain specific websites and services which may help you to clean your system. Furthermore, this is to prevent the infection and the perturbation of other users.

Accessible Websites and Services

Windows Update

further websites

My connection has been put into quarantine. What to do?

First, you should determine why your connection has been put into quarantine. Hints can be found in the email which has been sent from CSN to you. In that email a brief reason for the quarantine measure is usually provided. Afterwards, the following steps should be taken on all computers and systems:

  1. Installation of an up-to-date anti-virus software
  2. Removal of all malware from your devices
  3. Installation of all available operating system updates
  4. Inspection and cleaning of recently used external media (USB flash drives, external hard drives, etc.), because here viruses or worms may get stuck.

If you need help please contact your local CSN contact person. Via them, you can also apply for the reintegration into the CSN standard network. They will forward your request to the CSN Team, which can then proceed with the reactivation.

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