Registering with CSN


You must fulfill the following prerequisites before you can register with CSN:

  • You need to have valid login credentials from the computing center (Universitätsrechenzentrum, URZ) of Chemnitz University of Technology.
  • You need to fulfill and accept the requirements mentioned in the CSN terms of service (generally by signing your tenancy agreement).
  • You need to have a functioning and installed ethernet network adapter (10 MBit/s, 100 MBit/s, or 1 GBit/s) with TP jack.

Furthermore you should take the following steps beforehand:

Step By Step to Your CSN Connection

If all of the above prerequisites have been met and preparations have been done, the following steps have to be taken when registering for the first time:

  1. Fill out the registration form completely and submit it. You will instantly receive a confirmation e-mail1 with the subject „[CSN] Anmeldebestätigung / Registration confirmation“ which just confirms that we have received your application.
  2. Now the Studentenwerk (StuWe, student services) has to verify the data you have entered for legal reasons2.
  3. After successfull validation and the activation of your CSN connection you will receive another confirmation e-mail1. Your port will then usually be automatically enabled after one hour and then you can start using your connection.
2 In this review, it is determined whether the StuWe internal requirements for a connection to the CSN are met and whether the assignment of tenant / room number is correct. This check serves our and your own safety, and usually takes one business day (Monday to Friday).

1 E-mail notifications are always sent to the official e-mail address assigned by the URZ.

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