Wireless LAN

Campus WLAN in front of the dormitories

Outside of the dorms in the direction of the sports field and in the student clubs FPM, PEB, and Windkanal CSN offers wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi.

The network as such is being provided by the University Computing Center (Universitätsrechenzentrum, URZ.) You can find further information on the connection requirements and how to establish a connection on its website.

In your dorm room reception of the aforementioned wireless networks is not possible.

Personal Wi-Fi

Since this is only a „translation“ of your own, wired CSN network connection to wireless technology, you remain responsible for complying with existing traffic restrictions and our Terms of Use!

You can set up your own personal Wi-Fi network in your dorm room with a Wi-Fi router (without DSL modem or one in which the modem can be disabled.) For this you have to pay attention to thoroughly secure the network (especially using WPA2 as the wireless encryption method) and to comply with our Terms of Use. In particular, you may only operate the Wi-Fi network for personal use and you may not offer it permanently to third parties (not even within shared apartments.)

For that purpose you have to register your Wi-Fi router as a separate device with CSN (cf. Registering with CSN). You will need the MAC address of the WAN port of your Wi-Fi router. As there is a multitude of different devices from dozens of vendors we cannot give you universal instructions on how to find out the MAC address. Please refer to the device's manual.

You can also change the MAC address of an already registered device on our website.

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