Fritz!Box 4040

Connect the blue port on your router with the included cable to the RJ45 (Ethernet) plug in your wall.

You can now connect to the WiFi that is being transmitted by the Router. To do so enter „“ into you browser (i.e. Google Chrome).

First of all change the available bandwidth to make sure Quality of Service is working correctly.

Fritz!Box 4040 QoS Bandbreite jeweils 1000

Determining the MAC address of your Fritz!Box is a bit more involved. Go into the table of contents of your router by clicking on contents (Inhalt) on the bottom left.

Fritz!Box Menü in der unteren linken Ecke Inhaltsverzeichnis des Fritz!Box Menüs

On the displayed list choose „Fritz!Box Support“. Now you can download the support file.

Support Datei download

You can now open the file in a text editor of your choice. The MAC address relevant to CSN is found under „macdsl“ which you can then register in you CSN account.

Inhalt der Support Datei (macdsl ausgewählt)

After the registration it takes about 20 minutes for your changes to be applied to your connection. Following this you can perform the quick setup of you router.

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